The future of retail is all about its own story!

Much has revolved around marketing and economics, but now the time has come for experience and inspiration. That is what today’s consumers need.

A look into the past and future in images. A space for workshops or for small seminars or lectures. Answers to the our questions like, ‘what are we doing with our showrooms and what is our vision?’ Consumers want to receive this inspiration when they purchase products.

Authorities claim marketing is dead. That is why we now focus on telling a story with our products and showrooms. At JPLC we show customers our vision and ideas for the future and let them experience what we are doing.

People do not just buy a product, but buying a product with an experience. Therefore, knowing your target groups very well and adjusting all aspects accordingly becomes very important. How does the customer walk through the store, how does he/she look, what does he/she see and experience? In other words, at what moments in the customer journey does our product make the difference?

Professional companies organize master courses throughout the Netherlands for retailers on how to create a successful and distinctive retail concept. So, creating an experience and atmosphere is the new reality!

The changing consumer and his buying behaviour therefore challenge us to look and approach everything from a different perspective. JPLC brands has thought further about its