High quality – Top quality

Our company specializes in luxuriously hand-made leather belts, accessories and top quality leather goods.

We use high-quality materials: such as artisanal and naturally tanned leather, exotic leathers or special calves, high-quality stitching thread, luxurious high-quality buckles, some of which are even exclusively designed, as well as an extensive choice of high-quality ornaments.

All exceptional leathers are selected on the basis of animal protection rules. In doing so, we strive to purchase as much sustainably tanned leather.


There is an increasing demand for beautiful belts and accessories to match shoes, handbags or clothing.

We respond to this perfectly by constantly looking for innovative ideas for better and different materials. Benchmarking and following the latest fashion trends are paramount. During the design process of new designs, we creatively experiment with new leathers and innovative techniques that make our products even more distinct. Each belt is styled and designed in our own workshop.


The difference is in the details!

Our belts and accessories are hand-made.

We are experts in applying exclusive colours and patines to our hand-polished leather. Coloured with essential oils, the patina of the leather takes on a distinctive colour rich in life and character.

The shine on our belts and accessories is completely hand polished, as well as various colour nuances made from different combinations of polishing and colouring products. The yarn is meticulously stitched.

We dare to experiment with new techniques, explore boundaries and bend the rules!