About JPLC

A company with a mission

Jan Pulles Leather Company was founded in 1972 in Waalwijk, The Netherlands and distinguishes itself by producing high-quality leather belts and accessories based on traditional craftsmanship, creativity and top quality.

Every fashion season, we develop new collections under several brand names, in which beautiful leathers and exclusive buckles are processed into unique top products. We follow the latest trends but we try to distinguish ourselves by giving it an own twist! We follow fashion but also put our mark on the market ourselves! With all our collections we break the rules here and there and introduce just that little bit of extra originality.

Next to our brands collections we also offer our customers a Custom-Made concept to be able to adapt flexibly to specific wishes. Discreet or extravagant, casual or classic, modest or flamboyant, elegant or tough: this is what makes our collections of belts and accessories so unique and adds to the image of the person wearing them!


Leather has been in the family for generations. Father and grandfather inspired Jan, as a student, to set up a small business in belts. Back in the days Jan drove his bicycle to the various tanneries in ‘De Langstraat’ to pick out sheets of leather. He single-handedly cut strips of leather with an old-fashioned plow with a few fellow student in the garage of his parents’ house. At that time Jan also designed the buckles himself, which he then had made at a local blacksmith shop or for which he travelled for by train to Paris or Spain.

With his collection he visited shopkeepers from the vicinity of Waalwijk. The belt business was so successful that at the age of 18 Jan was faced with an important decision: continue studying or start his own business and focus completely on the production of belts and leather goods.

The love for leather won. Jan Pulles established his company in Waalwijk in 1972 and a passion was born.

His dream of crafting beautiful leathers into a beautiful product has come true.

*picture : Jan’s original tools and belts from 1972

50 Years JPLC (1972-2022)

A dreams that still comes true after 50 years. It is a special year for JPLC. This year Jan Pulles Leather company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Still with a lot of energy and passion for its profession, Jan Pulles shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with his skilled leather workers.  Besides, he is a real story teller who likes to share the story about history of leather and craftsmanship to a new generation.

Since years JPLC has become a family business. Hanneke & Job commit themselves to live on the dream which Jan has started 50 years ago.

On this day JPLC has become an unique company who makes handmade leather belts in Holland for over 50 years.

* picture : one of JPLC showrooms built in craftsmanship 1930s atmosphere

Jan Pulles riemen


It is the mission of Jan Pulles Leather Company to always distinguish ourselves in the market with innovative products. Every fashion season we offer new collections for various target groups under several brand names.

It is an explicit choice to continue to manufacture everything traditionally in our own country.

Behind the scenes we work with real professionals as a close team to realize a high quality product. Together with our customers, we enjoy belonging to a select club and share equal values in recognizing our products.

With this we continue the family love for leather and as well the tradition of leather processing from ‘De Langstraat’, the former shoe and leather centre in the Netherlands: a personal mission of Jan Pulles.


In order to make beautiful high-quality fashion products, such as our leather belts and aprons, you mainly need professional competence as well as various technical skills specifically geared to artisan leather craftsmanship.

Every day, with the right patience and creativity, we manufacture beautiful leather products in our workshop. Each belt or accessory is cut with the necessary perfection from the leather sheet and then finished with attention to every detail.

Each product undergoes a unique production process in different phases. From the careful cutting from a full sheet of leather, the manual hinging and splitting, to the lining, bulging and stitching with various stitching motifs, the hole making and stamping, the painting and polishing of edges and holes, the covering of the buckle and finally hand brushing in different colour nuances.

A complete traditional production process sometimes has up to 40 different actions to finish a belt perfectly. Together with our employees we share the passion and feeling for our products. Each product is the joint end result of our entire team.


Our customers are sensitive to luxurious, high-quality products that are designed very flexible to size and according to their personal wishes.

Jan Pulles Leather Company delivers custom made work into the fashion market. For example, even exotic leather and silver or gold buckles with certificate can be processed on request.

In addition, we regularly fulfil very special wishes and make exclusive belts exclusively for that one customer or VIP, this is an important added value of our company.

We follow the latest fashion trend of customizing with personalised accessories by inserting initials or a personal text into the leather straps.

Our customer knows the classic dress codes but trumps them by making his own style statement with the choice of one of our products.